nitrogen mobile app


  1. Select the type of fertiliser you are planning to use.
  2. Select the application rate you are planning to use.
  3. Press "calculate" and in an instant you will know what response you can expect and the cost of the extra DM.
  4. Tell at a glance how suitable your soil conditions are for applying N.

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With Regen Nitrogen management is made easy!

Plus demonstrating proactive daily management will help operate within N limits



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Improved nitrogen efficiency

The customised nitrogen response rate calculation means you will always know if it is the right time on your farm to use nitrogen fertiliser. Getting an improved response rate means you get more grass grown for every kilogram of nitrogen (N) applied.
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Proof of good stewardship

When the calculation shows it is right to apply nitrogen (N), save that answer and you can always demonstrate best practice nitrogen use - to your neighbour or the Council.
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Always available

When you are out on the farm or in the office, Regen nitrogen management is on your phone – ready when you are.

Regen services are sold individually or in bundles

With Regen Water, Effluent and Nitrogen services sold individually or in bundles depending on your particular farm’s needs,
you only buy what you need, and benefit where you need it most.

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How it works

Specialised data collection hardware combines seamlessly with our science based analysis software




Using soil, weather and water meter data from your farm, we deliver you a 5 day rolling irrigation recommendation and record what you do, giving you evidence for compliance.
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Using soil, pond, weather and environmental data from your farm, we deliver you via text a daily effluent irrigation recommendation, and record what you do, giving you evidence for compliance.
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Taking time-specific environmental data from you farm, add your inputs, our calculator estimates the kgs of Dry Matter you could grow per kg of Nitrogen applied, along with the value of that extra feed as cents per kg DM.
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Custom Software

Custom Software Development turning ideas and problems into smart solutions!
We aggregate data and develop custom reports and dashboards for corporates and schemes, providing management tools to proactively manage water use.

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