Regen is leading the way

Regen’s recommendation services are market leading



Using soil, weather and water meter data from your farm, we deliver you a 5 day rolling irrigation recommendation and record what you do, giving you evidence for compliance.
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Using soil, pond, weather and environmental data from your farm, we deliver you via text a daily effluent irrigation recommendation, and record what you do, giving you evidence for compliance.
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Taking time-specific environmental data from you farm, add your inputs, our calculator estimates the kgs of Dry Matter you could grow per kg of Nitrogen applied, along with the value of that extra feed as cents per kg DM.
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Custom Software

Custom Software Development turning ideas and problems into smart solutions!
We aggregate data and develop custom reports and dashboards for corporates and schemes, providing management tools to proactively manage water use.

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More than just sensor data

Regen’s recommendation services are market leading



Don’t risk your consent

Regen is the only company providing accurate daily water and effluent irrigation recommendations. Regen takes the guess work out of interpreting the multitude of data you need before making an irrigation decision.

Simple science principles

Regen’s services are based on the simple science principles that underpin best practice for water & effluent irrigation and nitrogen use.

With Regen Water, Effluent and Nitrogen services you can achieve:
  • Optimised soil conditions
  • Improved pasture growth
  • Reduced water use
  • Reduced Nitrogen use
  • Ideal effluent pond management
  • Power savings
  • Reduced levels of nutrients leaching into waterways

Automated at your fingertips on your mobile phone.


Irrigation recommendations you can trust

The Regen Effluent, Nitrate and Water services provide a total environmental solution for water and effluent use and discharge control, by delivering daily recommendations to optimise the amount, and timing, of effluent and water irrigation, in order to optimise their use, and minimise leaching.

With Regen Water, Effluent and Nitrogen you get:
  • Daily recommendations on Water, Effluent, and Nitrate use, customised to each farm, taking into account the soil types, weather and soil moisture and temperature levels
  • Reports show the accuracy with which Effluent, Water and Nitrates have been applied to the land, as they relate to the individual consents on each farm
  • Consent reporting information readily supporting working to Good Management Practice
  • Power efficiency gains through reduced irrigation
  • Optimised pasture growth through using science based approach to irrigation

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