Up to 30% discount

As many farm operations may need more than one service, like both water and effluent, or would use the Nitrogen service as an additional service to minimising nitrogen use, we offer package discounts.
  • 20% off for two services and 30% off for three services
  • Plus, if you would like the water recommendations set up in a multi-pivot operation, the supplementary pivot services are discounted by up to 30%.

Sensor equipment

At a minimum, your farm will need a weather station (although this can sometimes be one shared with neighbours), a rain gauge, a soil moisture and temperature sensor, and an insertion water meter at the pivot level. We can often use your existing hardware to collect the data we need.
We will arrange for the hardware to be installed by our trusted suppliers. An average single service operation, with no sensors in place already, may cost in the region of $7,500+GST for the full hardware and set up.

All pricing is representative only

We know every farm is different so all prices shown are indicative only and we would need to talk to you and visit your farm to ensure we get the right set up for you.

Trust Regen

Our team of experts will ensure you get the best set up for the lowest costs, and we will work with you over time to ensure you are maximising the value returned to your farm.

ben smith farm

ben smith Ben Smith Owner, JV Farm Ltd, Northland

“I can even prove where the effluent was applied on certain days. We’re proud of our staff and the efforts they put in, and this system enables a good means of assisting them and us."


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