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nathan debbie erskine Nathan & Debbie Erskine Eire Farm

"With Regen we are managing our effluent more effectively. Soil and weather conditions for our farm is available daily, monthly and annually. The monthly report is an easy way to validate our management practices. With the daily text, all the data comes to you. It gives us peace of mind and it a tool we use every day".


greg maughan Greg Maughan Marton. Manawatu Farm

"When I'm off the farm its great to get the daily text message with rainfall and soil temp. With this info I can adjust feeding levels for the cows to make sure production levels are maintained."


John Van Hout John & Theresa van Hout Tamatea Farm

"The Regen system gives us confidence to spread effluent in the winter and keep within our resource consent. With Regen providing the daily weather and soil conditions and our low application rates, we can spread our effluent over a larger part of the farm. We know we are doing things right."


gray baldwin thumb Gray Baldwin Spitfire Dairies

"Knowing what the soil conditions are for my farm helps me plan for the future to get the best yields for my crops. I can rely on the Regen system to give me real data, specific to my farm, rather than getting information second hand"


ben smith farm

ben smith Ben Smith Owner, JV Farm Ltd, Northland

“I can even prove where the effluent was applied on certain days. We’re proud of our staff and the efforts they put in, and this system enables a good means of assisting them and us."

conrad mackee farm
conrad mackee Conrad Mackee Manager, No.4 Dairy Farm, Massey University

"When you’re busy and it's been raining on and off, you don't know where you're at with soil moisture. ReGen Effluent gives you the answer.”


IrrigationNZ - Bucket Test App

bucket test

Bucket Test App

Regen was commissioned by IrrigationNZ to build a mobile app for irrigators to use to undertake the “bucket test” with a robust, consistent, simple method. Regen took up the challenge and the outcome was.... download the Bucket Test App

Using specialist User Interface Design expertise combined with our technical knowledge and software development skills, a mobile app was developed that achieved the aim IrrigationNZ was seeking. In the first season of operation over [200] tests were successfully undertaken and the feedback from users has been really positive. See an example of the report that is emailed as soon as the test is completed.

With Regen Water, Effluent and Nitrogen services sold individually or in bundles depending on your particular farm’s needs, you only buy what you need, and benefit where you need it most.



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