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Using our scientific expertise and data analysis

you'll get automated, daily science based recommendations direct to your mobile phone.



Using soil, weather and water meter data from your farm, we deliver you a 5 day rolling irrigation recommendation and record what you do, giving you evidence for compliance.
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Using soil, pond, weather and environmental data from your farm, we deliver you via text a daily effluent irrigation recommendation, and record what you do, giving you evidence for compliance.
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Taking time-specific environmental data from you farm, add your inputs, our calculator estimates the kgs of Dry Matter you could grow per kg of Nitrogen applied, along with the value of that extra feed as cents per kg DM.
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Custom Software

Custom Software Development turning ideas and problems into smart solutions!
We aggregate data and develop custom reports and dashboards for corporates and schemes, providing management tools to proactively manage water use.

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How it works

Specialised data collection hardware combines seamlessly with our science based analysis software



Regen’s system combines data from your weather station with MetService forecasts to accurately account for the impact of weather in your recommendation.

Soil Conditions

Your current soil condition is calculated using proven science methods that incorporate soil type, rainfall and evapotranspiration to accurately calculate soil water deficit.

Water Irrigation

Regen’s software combines weather and water use data with science based technology to automatically calculate exactly how much and when to irrigate.

Effluent Irrigation

Regen’s software combines soil conditions and best practice guidelines with science based technology to automatically calculate exactly how much and when to irrigate.

Data and reports

All your data, and your activity is recorded and stored, providing you monthly reports for easy consent reporting.


Your consent conditions are included in your farm's set up and are incorporated in all calculations to ensure you get the right recommendations every day, reducing the risk of error.


Regen solutions are scalable

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Why is Regen right for you?

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Don’t risk your consent

Regen is the only company providing accurate daily water and effluent irrigation recommendations



"Regen Effluent has been incredibly effective in helping us increase pasture growth."

John & Theresa Van Hout
Tamatea Farm

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bridgit hawkins CEO

"Regen’s vision is a world where farming is synonymous with sustainable environmental stewardship (kaitiakitanga)"

Bridgit Hawkins
Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director

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