Why is my forecast different to what is seen on the Metservice website?

Your forecast is generated at a gps grid level and is specific to your property, the information on the Metservice website is for the wider region and so is more general.


Why are shareholders required to participate in this project?

As covered in the WIL August 2017 Newsletter;
It is a condition of WIL’s discharge consent that all farmers meet GMP by 2020. This requires that
water is measured and recorded, the farmer must demonstrate that each irrigation event is justified,
and evidence of this must be recorded and presented in an auditable manner. In addition, there are a
number of company-wide reporting requirements and collecting the information needed will only be
made possible through having a single scheme wide data collection point.


I don't have my log in details how do I get this?

Prior to your training you will have been provided with an email containing this information. If you can’t find this email again you can contact Regen on 0800 37 34 36 or info@nzregen.co.nz


Can the optimum zone be changed on the water service page?

 Yes, there are three operating modes available to customers,
Low’ operating mode: This setting will keep the soil water deficit in the bottom third of the optimum zone. This setting is the default for all customers at the beginning of the season.
Medium’ operating mode: This setting will keep the soil water deficit in the middle third of the optimum zone.
High’ operating mode: This setting will keep the soil water deficit in the top third of the optimum zone.

Regen will monitor the soil and weather conditions and alter this as necessary through the season, letting you know when it is changed. If you have a preference for a particular mode contact Regen on 0800 37 34 36 or info@nzregen.co.nz and we are happy to set this for you.


How is the Soil Water Deficit calculated?

The soil water deficit is calculated from the daily soil water balance with the inputs being rainfall and irrigation and the outputs being evapotranspiration. The green shaded area represents the optimum soil moisture range for pasture growth specific to the soil type in each irrigation block (15% to 50% below field capacity).


My conditions on farm do not match what the Regen App is showing me. What can I do about this?

If you are concerned that your on-farm conditions are not matching up to what the Regen app and recommendation are saying please contact our support team on 0800 37 34 36.
This way we can investigate further by looking at factors such as making sure the soil type we have associated with your farm is accurate, the rain fall recorded is accurate (and there are no blockages) and interpreting your soil moisture trend.


Where can I get a copy of my monthly and annual reports?

Contact our customer support team on 0800 37 34 36 and they can email you through copies of any reports you require.


What do I do when I change my pivot settings? Does this change my irrigation recommendation? For example, I want to start running my pivot at a faster or slower speed.

The way you operate your irrigation e.g. applying 4mm each round in one day compared to 8mm each round over 2 days, is a key factor for determining when it is best to irrigate again. So when you change your irrigation settings please call the customer support team to let them know so we can update this in the system and make sure the recommendations remain appropriate.


Why am I not able to see the field capacity and refill point of my soils in the soil moisture graphs? (arable farmers)

Determining field capacity and refill point is unique to each soil type and can change with soil management and weather events (such as very wet or very dry periods). Determining field capacity and refill points needs to be set each season to ensure these factors are taken into account. Options for how to automate applying these settings are being investigated by Regen, but for now this is not feasible


Where can I see my soil type and soil characteristics e.g water holding capacity?

The soil type we have set up for your farm is shown on Farm Web by selecting your name in the top right hand corner and selecting from the drop down menu "farm profile".
This page shows your soil type that has been assigned to that irrigation block. If you are wanting to know further information about your soil you can access this by looking on Smaps - https://smap.landcareresearch.co.nz/


Who do I contact if I need to move my probe?

The best person to contact when wanting a probe moved or relocated is AgriOptics – info@agrioptics.co.nz , or phone 03 302 9227


What do I do if I don't think the rainfall reading showing in my app is correct for my property?

Please contact the customer support team on 0800 37 34 36 so we can discuss this.
Firstly we will check that the rain gauge you are connected to is recording correctly – no blockages. There are many weather stations installed through-out the Waimakariri Scheme, so there may be another weather station near-by that you would prefer to be set up with. The WIL website is now showing where these weather stations are located - https://www.wil.co.nz/water-user/weather-stations/


Who is able to view my information?

Your farm data is owned by you and access to it is only provided to others at your request. If you want other staff or consultants to have a login to access your information contact the customer support team and they will arrange this.
Under the terms of the contract you have also agreed that WIL can access your data for the purposes of reporting and working towards all shareholders achieving GMP by 2020. This is done under strict confidentiality conditions. The team here at Regen also have access to your information to be able to ensure you receive all the support required.


What happens if I don’t follow my recommendation one day?

The Regen recommendation is a management tool to ensure you have sound, consistent information to support your daily decision making about when to irrigate and how much. Following the Regen recommendation ensures you are operating at GMP which is a key goal for the WIL scheme. A key goal for the WIL scheme is to ensure all water irrigation is justified by plant requirements, and to potentially minimise any over irrigation which is wasting water and also leads to higher nitrogen losses.
However, if your reports show that there is continuous irrigation when the app is showing that the soil water balance is sitting at or above field capacity it is likely that the WIL Environmental Manager will have a chat to discuss what is happening on your farm.