Regen Purpose

To improve the environmental, economic and sustainability outcomes of farming

Regen Vision

A world where farming is synonymous with sustainable environmental stewardship (Kaitiakitanga)

Regen Future

Regen is already working on expanding it’s product offering to go beyond pasture and into row and tree crops. We are leading the field in this technology and will continue to innovate and improve our services to improve the outcomes for farmers and the environment.

Scientist in your pocket

We don’t expect farmers to be soil scientists. There is so much scientific data available from so many different sensors, it’s almost impossible to navigate. Regen takes the strain out of that by doing all the hard science for you, resulting in a simple to follow recommendation, on your phone, in your pocket, every day.


We know how important it is for you to get your water, effluent and nitrogen right, your license to operate depends on it. With Regen services, you can have peace of mind knowing you are managing these resources at best practice and improving the profitability of your farm.

Meet some of the people that make Regen, Regen

Melanie Templeton Commercial Director Local and international experience in:
  • Business strategy development and implementation
  • Commercial large scale project delivery
  • Digital transformation of legacy systems
sonia petrie
Sonia Groes-PetrieScience and Product Lead Local and international experience in:
  • Environmental management and policy
  • Science and technology product convergence
  • Web and mobile user experience
florent mara
Florent Mara Technology director  Technology and system development specialist
  • Regen System development
  • Regen Web & App Services development
  • System architecture and control environment development
  • Security and data management specialist
lachlan ridley
Lachlan Ridley Front end developer  Front end technology and mobile specialist:
  • Web and mobile user experience
  • App development

Our people are central to our success

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