ReGen Effluent allows Dale to know when and how to apply effluent, which is a vital part of the running of the farm.

He finds the daily soil moisture and temperature information useful for planning, and he also uses it to identify the best time to plough paddocks for new grass seed.

One of the initial reasons for installing ReGen Effluent was to build an accurate picture of what’s happening on the farm so that farm management can provide accurate information to the Local Council for future resource consents. They’ll also be in a better position to design a system and pond that’s specific to their farm’s requirements.

“It’s been interesting to see the number of days when not having a pond meant we were potentially wasting valuable nutrients”, says Dale.

McPherson Farm Wilton, Southland
No. Cows Milked 685
Effective Area 203 ha
Effluent Block Area
Annual Average Rainfall 1750 mm
Effluent Storage Sump
Soil 'Low Risk' for effluent application
Irrigation System Travelling irrigator

Dale Turnock
Contract Milker, McPherson Farm, Southland

“The ReGen System allows me to more actively manage staff, and the early morning text and email help me to better plan my day.”