Manawatu - Palmerston North

With Regen Effluent, Conrad now finds it easier to delegate the task of effluent to other staff members with confidence. The data is used for other decision making on-farm and filling in weekly fact sheets for the University. Receiving the daily text summarises all information such as rainfall, soil moisture deficit, how much effluent you can irrigate and current pond level. This saves time in Conrad's day, without needing to log on to the website.

For the farm supervisor, Byron Taylor, the website is an invaluable tool to allow him to see what is happening on a daily basis. The information from ReGen Effluent is used for both daily and forward planning related to the effluent system, as well as decisions like crop planting. 

Massey No.4 Diary Farm Palmerston North, Manawatu
No. Cows Milked 480 Cows
Effective Area 194 ha
Effluent Block Area 55 ha
Annual Average Rainfall 980 mm
Effluent Storage 2 ponds, able to pump from both ponds
Soil Tokomaru Silt Loam, mole and tile drained
Irrigation System Briggs rotating travelling irrigator with control system 15-35mm and Unisprinker

Conrad Maeke
Manager, No.4 Dairy Farm, Massey University

"When you’re busy and it's been raining on and off, you don't know where you're at with soil moisture. ReGen Effluent gives you the answer.”