Manawatu - Marton

Greg runs a high input system, managing his herd on pasture, and through a feed-pad and herd home over most of the year. This creates large volumes of nutrient rich effluent. When used efficiently, this will help Greg achieve his goal of increased pasture growth in order to increase per cow and per hectare production. To get the best use from dairy effluent and to meet Horizons Regional Council consent conditions, Greg installed a 3,800m3 storage pond in autumn 2012 and has plans to extend the area he can irrigate effluent to.

“Since having ReGen Effluent installed in spring 2011, it’s been interesting this season to see the number of days when not having a pond meant we were potentially wasting valuable nutrients. The 2011 spring was challenging – having ReGen in place means I know we’ll be getting the most benefit from the storage investment we’ve made. By knowing the days we can safely irrigate during the wetter months, we can keep the pond level lower.”

Maughan Farm Marton, Manawatu
No. Cows Milked 400
Effective Area 128 ha
Effluent Block Area 38 ha
Annual Average Rainfall 1750 mm
Effluent Storage Sump and 3,800 m3 pond
Soil 'High risk' for effluent application
Extensive mole & tile drained
Irrigation System Briggs 10 travelling irrigator

Greg Maughan
Maughan Farm, Marton

“When I’m off the farm it is great to get the daily text message with rainfall and soil temp. With this info I can adjust feeding levels for the cows to make sure production levels are maintained.”