Waimumu Field-days, Gore



Southern field-days held in Waimumu February 2014 were a great event. Although rain and a bit of

wind are not ideal when you are in a marquee it didn’t dampen the interest in the Regen products

and the Regen breakfasts!

Each day, helped by a few of the Stags rugby team, we hosted a breakfast for farmers and industry.

The lamb chops in particular went down a treat – so much so their fame spread over the three days.

The new N app tool was equally well received, with lots of interest and some good questions about

how it worked and how it would be valuable in making fertiliser decisions.

Now the tool is available we are encouraging our existing customers to give it a go. When the

autumn rain starts it will be important to keep track of soil moisture rises and soil temperature

declining to ensure that any autumn applications of nitrogen grow maximum grass with minimum

waste. Regen Nitrogen is a great way to do this.

The whole Regen team enjoyed the week in Waimumu. We got to catch up with many customers

and meet some new farmers who are interested in our products. Thanks to the Stags for their

support and we look forward to the season starting and seeing them out on the paddock.